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Broking in the cloud – core elements to cloud migration


Watch Now: Broking in the cloud – core elements to cloud migration

In this open session Craig Beattie, Senior Analyst CELENT, Ben Potts, Novidea UK, James Willison, Web Connectivity;  Keith Bucknall, SRG discuss:

The three core elements of migrating to the cloud: which model to choose, who should you partner with to succeed, and how to push such an initiative with management.

Hear how the team:

  • Made key decisions with the different model approaches  1-8
    1-8 image
  • Learn about what others are doing in the market
  • What works best when convincing the organization to migrate to cloud

Watch the webinar to find out where your business is on its cloud journey and what level it needs to go to next, and how.

Watch the open session

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